Defender Height and Vehicle Barriers from Stronghold are an incredibly strong and robust solution to the problem of keeping out unwanted vehicles yet allowing access too. Particularly designed for use in car parks, open spaces and playing fields etc, the barriers have an integral lock for ease of use. With the special hinge and lock protection these barriers are extremely secure, and to date have never been broken open by a vehicle.


The Defender Barrier is manufactured in house by Stronghold to our stringent specifications. It is available as a height restrictor, vehicle barrier or a combination of both.

Stronghold Vehicle Barriers


The Stronghold Defender Height and Vehicle Barrier consists of four main components – the hinge post, the locking post, the barrier and a keep-open post. They are all manufactured using heavy gauge steel, and the recommendation is that the posts are dug into the ground to a depth of 1 metre for maximum strength.  The hinges are protected by a steel case obstructing any attempt to cut through the hinge.  The barriers themselves are 80 x 80 mm 3 gauge box section steel with vertical strengthening bars which gives a very rigid protective barrier.  The integral lock is enclosed by a 10 gauge steel box which prevents attempts to cut through the lock pin.  There is an option for clients to either have these as individual locks or as some clients have selected, to have a number of locks keyed alike, which means that grounds staff only need one key to manage a number of sites.

This product can be supplied in a wide range of standard or bespoke sizes.  It is very versatile in that it can be installed as a vehicle barrier to control all access, a height restrictor barrier (usually 2m or 2.1m) or both barriers to have complete control over varying access control requirements.