Perimeter intrusion detection systems allow you to monitor your boundary from threats that may otherwise remain undetected.  This can also be combined with CCTV to create a highly secure environment.  The system can be retro-fitted to some existing fencing installations (subject to survey) minimising cost and disturbance whilst increasing your security factor.  We also offer an Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) for increased security in monitoring vehicles entering your premises.


The perimeter monitoring systems, when triggered, can activate a variety of measures such as CCTV cameras and lights.  CCTV acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders, and remote monitoring means you can access the cameras at any time, including on your smartphone.  The Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) offers a quick and easy installation, being either a portable solution for low traffic volume at low speeds when it can be simply laid in place, or a permanent or semi-permanent siting can be obtained by simply fixing using its pre-drilled holes.

Under Vehicle Search Cameras


Intelligent sensors can differentiate between a point impact, such as a cut or climb attack, and a distributed disturbance, such as wind or heavy rain.  The system can then trigger cameras, lights or alarms as required.

We supply and install commercial CCTV systems to suit your requirements.  Installations vary in size from simple 4 camera systems up to 64 cameras and beyond.  Various camera options are available such as HD, long-range, infra-red etc, and images can be recorded on VCR.  In each case, features such as remote viewing, motion detection and privacy mask can all be provided if required.

The UVSS can be used on any terrain, day or night.  It has 6 cameras which are adjustable in a forward, rear or vertical facing position to enable a thorough examination of the underside of a vehicle, and is suitable for both standard sized vehicles and larger HGV/tractor units.  It is IP68 rated and has a simple plug and play set-up which means it can be operating in minutes in the portable format or permanently fixed in less than an hour.