Road blockers, sometimes referred to as rising kerbs, are automated access control devices that rise up from the ground to stop vehicular traffic.  They can be surface mounted or built into the ground and can be supplied to comply to IWA 14 (formerly PAS 68) suitable for high level protection.


This product is a high security option for controlling traffic flow. Options are available to install this as a temporary high security measure or as a permanent fixture.  Also available is the Gate Claw, a budget friendly version which can be operational one-way or bi-directional, or locked down for open access if required.

Automatic Vehicle Blockers


The more temporary version can be installed on a suspended concrete slab or bolted to an existing surface to provide short-term high security for access points. Inset products require more extensive groundworks but will provide greater security.  An electricity supply is required for both options and drainage is needed for the inset product.  Supplied galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 with optional paint finishes.

The Gate Claw can be operated in active mode, locked down mode or locked up mode, manually operated between the three modes with a long handle in a matter of seconds.  This is a lighter weight surface mounted product.  The unique claw design will effectively puncture vehicles tyres transiting the gate claw in both active mode (ie against the direction of the claws) as well as in the locked up mode in both directions.  It is ideal for lane control, car park exit lanes, garage forecourts, checkpoints and high security entrances.

All products are available in a variety of widths