Bollards come in a wide range of materials and finishes to suit any need you may have. They range from static security bollards and hoop barriers to automated bollards and bollards tested to IWA 14 (or PAS 68) standards. They can provide exceptional security and protection or simply provide a demarcation line or prevent parking and access problems.


Static bollards can be fixed or removable to allow authorised access. Automated bollards can be stand-alone solutions or work in series. Some bollards can be installed with shallow depth foundations for situations where underground services are present.


Bollards can be manufactured in cast iron, steel (including stainless steel), concrete and timber. We can also supply bollards suitable for use near coastal areas which are steel coated in a polyurethane finish. Bollards can be left plain galvanised or powder coated to many RAL colours. Removable bollards can be secured by separate padlock or an integral lock. Bollards can also be completely retractable into the ground, folded down or removable depending on your requirements. If desired, illumination can be included in the system.