Whether your requirement is for a simple, manually operated security gate, only used a few times a day, or a completely automated security gate used continuously, we can design and manufacture a system to meet your needs.  With options such as single leaf gates, double leaf gates, cantilevered gates and bi-fold speed gates, all of which can be automated, the security of your entrance can be assured.


Controlling your entrance is a key part of securing your property.  Whilst needing to be a robust and secure component, it also needs to function easily and project your desired image, whether defensive or welcoming.  We can provide pedestrian and vehicular gates, combined or separate, from a basic hinged manual opening gate up to hostile vehicle mitigation solutions manufactured to IWA 14 (formerly PAS 68) standard.

UK Security Gate Supplier


Gates can be supplied in a variety of materials, finishes and styles to match fencing if required, such as palisade, 358 mesh, vertical bar and estate fencing.  Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard, steel gates can also be supplied powder coated if required to BS EN 13438.  Cantilever gates have the advantage of not needing a track across an access route and only require a simple concrete pad for installation.  There are many automated systems available for your gates depending on your budget, space and requirements, including radio controlled systems, and an intercom system can allow you to communicate with your visitors prior to granting access to your property, which increases your security further.  Most gates can be provided with anti-climb toppings such as traditional barbed wire, razor wire or simple spikes.  Locks can be integral or a padlock can be fitted.  Depending on the gate design, a padlock shroud may be able to be fitted which hinders intruders’ access to the padlock.